TRUE имеет 34-летнюю историю, делающая самое лучшее в мире кардио-оборудование. Теперь мы принимаем то же самое качество изготовления и дизайна и доводим его до вас в новой силовой линии FORCE.

SD1003: Leg/Calf Press

  • Low profile walk-through design for easy entry and exit
  • 12 position contoured back pad with lumbar support wings and integrated head pad
  • Oversized rubber coated foot platform accommodates a wide range of users.
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SD1000: Leg Extension/Leg Curl

  • Multi-position contoured back pad with lumbar support wings and integrated head pad
  • 3 starting positions for both leg extension and leg curl exercises
  • 4 position ankle pad adjusts easily.
  • Fixed shin pad provides stability during leg curl exercise
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SD1001: Biceps/Triceps

  • 6 position seat with lumbar support utilizes one-way ratchet for easy adjustment.
  • 3 starting positions for both Curls and Extensions allow users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs.
  • Rotating arm assembly provides comfort and support throughout each movement.
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SD1005: Multi-Press

  • 3 position back pad with lumbar support wings and integrated head pad uses gas cylinder assist to easily adjust for Chest, Incline Chest, and Shoulder Press exercises.
  • 6 position press arm and 8 position seat accommodate wide range of users.
  • Multi-position hand grips for exercise variation.
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SD1002: Lat/Row

  • 10 position thigh pad easily adjusts to accommodate a wide range of users.
  • Angled seat encourages proper anatomical alignment during both pulldown and row exercises and creates an unobstructed path for the row handle.
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SM1000: Functional Trainer

  • Dual weight stack design allows users to train each arm separately or simultaneously
  • Unique twist and roll pulley handles allow for effortless one-handed adjustments
  • Instruction placards of beginning and ending positions for 20 common exercises
  • Multi-grip pull-up bar enhances versatility
  • Integrated accessory tray with water bottle holder
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SF1050: Dumbbell Rack

  • Oversized flat trays accommodate any style dumbbell.
  • Angle of top tray allows kettlebell storage.
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SD1004: Ab/Back

  • 4 position range of motion adjustment for users to easily change between exercises.
  • Overhead grips and rolling back pad pre-stretch the abdominals.
  • Lumbar support and large foot platform provide support and encourage proper alignment.
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SF1000: Flat/Incline Bench

  • 9-position back pad and 4-position seat pad adjust to ensure comfortable fit.
  • Integrated wheels and handle for easy moving.
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SF1010: Ab Bench

  • Compact space efficient design.
  • Two-piece pad with calf support provides comfort and accommodates wide variety of users.
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